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tv   [untitled]    April 12, 2012 11:00am-11:30am EDT

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arrangement three. three stooges three. three volunteers in video for your media project a free video don carty dot com. the first ceasefire in over a year of meeting between a syrian forces and rebels it now comes into force following a u.n. deadline well russia calls for international monitors to help to keep the peace. out of the frying pan and into the red payday loan companies offering crippling interest rates or replacing buying sin debt ridden britain for people looking for a quick fix to their cash flow. is egypt's presidential campaign since mubarak's fall gathers pace there's a criticism that the country could well end up with a dictator as its leader once again.
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but he is coming here live from the heart of moscow i'm a real researcher and welcome to the program syria remains mostly calm after the un brokered cease fire between the government and the opposition can into force on thursday morning the truce resulted from the mediation efforts of international envoy kofi annan and the first is the year long violence but if the reports from damascus with mutual distrust between both sides remains fragile. the ceasefire came into effect at six am local time and so far it's been holding syrian to finance minister promise not to conduct any operations any have found so if a downs they are military groups while they did say that they reserve their right
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to retaliate in case their units are being attacked as for the syrian opposition what we're hearing from various members of various opposition groups is that there are going to respect the cease fire and they promise not to open fire if the regular army indeed silence as it's gone from damascus has all this had been spared the destruction and violence that has iraq has some of the northern areas of syria but these tracks of violence is still present in your daily life people have to think twice about where you park your car and they try not to do that in front of the government offices or police precincts a young people are looking for ways to avoid being drafted into the army the economy's getting harder because the living is increasing jobs are scarce and the people here in damascus now are saying that we can discuss political changes later on the first thing that should be done is to stop violence parties or some reporter reporting babel meantime russia's foreign
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minister is calling for an immediate deployment of international monitors to syria to help maintain the truce but a meeting with the g eight partners in washington sort of all for so accuse some countries of being unwilling to help bring peace he's got an extra kind of reports from the u.s. capitol. a lot of skepticism here in washington about kofi annan plan that the u.s. accepted the plan but it almost designated as even before the plan had a chance to work we have the russian foreign minister in town for the g eight missed their own meeting here in washington he said russia is very supportive of the plan and would do everything they can to make sure it holds and the dialogue begins between the opposition and the government the syrian government for its armed forces will remain on standby to retaliate against any attacks by armed terrorist groups against civilians or troops whereas the russian foreign minister said. talking about the importance of having monitors to verify the situation on
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the ground. i asked the un secretary-general ban ki moon to put forward suggestions as soon as possible as to the format and size of the monitoring mission in syria we don't rule out provocations and that's why the presence of independent monitors on the ground is very important russia's stance remains the same and that is all parties must lay down their arms but for a cease fire to work all size and to commit to it as far as the rhetoric between the u.s. and russia it's tense to say the least there chris a hillary clinton said russians were refusing to support quote unquote constructive action by the u.n. security council on the crisis in syria is keeping it president bashar al assad in power there policymakers here who are very pro intervention and they tend to blame russia for all that's happening in syria at least in their public statements here is how the russian foreign minister addressed some of those accusations. assad is in power not because russia and china support him but because he represents a considerable number of syrians according to some estimates it's more than half of
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the population. is to get all sides to the negotiating table we're also trying to influence the syrian opposition groups but it's also absolutely clear that some of our international partners show them different things and prevent them from making any concessions. sergey lavrov and hillary clinton have by. meeting today here in washington we hope to hear more even though the u.s. accepted kofi annan plan which addresses our side of the conflict matters and sharing government washington still seems to put our responsibility in the hands of present our side and never mentions the opposition which also has to lay down their arms. he's gone extra kind of courting for turkey has hinted it may ask for nato help to protect its borders this after gunfire from syrians from assures reached its territory just a few days ago and the oclock a journalist and contributor to britain's guardian newspaper believes that a maintaining carnival says in the syria region largely depends on the behavior of
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outside forces it's interesting to hear the west response because the onus now is on the western powers and on saudi arabia and on turkey it's on those countries that are backing your positions and tell them to support the peace a peace plan to stop this talk about arming them stop this talk about regime change and then if they do this we could get peace in syria because we already have a democratic framework to solve this problem there's two sides to this company obviously the west is the trade this conflict is that it's only the the assad regime we choose to believe about and of course that's not true what's been going on in syria is an attempt by outside powers to bring about regime change and the rhetoric from the west the british foreign secretary calling for assad to go to war crimes crack is a very hopeful. i want to see we always love it when you get involved i would like to know what you think of this ongoing story with syria on our website r.t. dot com we're asking you whether syria will ever see a complete ceasefire this week here are the numbers for this hour at r.t.
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dot com at this moment over forty percent of you say the syrian national council will push for a libya style intervention about a third thing neither president assad's forces nor the rebels will lay down arms over a fifth believe the rebels will have to back down to maintain the cease fire and just down to the bare minimum now only three percent of you are of the opinion that international pressure will successfully end the conflict. it's good to have you with us here on our team today with the e.u. deluged in debt it's not only governments looking for crisis cash has a bank credit dries up for those in desperate need of companies providing so-called payday loans a booming offering money at a very high price as artie's laura smith reports short term funds often lead to long term debt. explain a little longer dot coms because it all sounds so easy and it is in ten
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sector in the consumer credit market what's happening in the current economic climate is that people are very well mccurdy card good people go want. to leave because they're worried about their future income streets or their jobs so the ability to borrow just the money you need for a short period of time many people are finding much more of a contagious but growing up long term good on credit cards advantageously maybe if you pay it off straight away but high interest rates and extortionate late charges can make it impossible for people of low incomes to pay off their debts according to research by the debt support trust people on average twelve hundred pounds forty percent of the borrowing but it's a case of basic living costs even more worryingly mustaf to forage for a payday the company to pay off another. hey david now the average payday poor house from different companies and they're constantly targeted by the firms somehow
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managed to get my number off this one company these are the different lines text me and say. do you want to run a while line you've we've accepted use the chance to get your loan and then there's all these different companies texting me nor is me really because i think. why would you want to get somebody and in debt like this months later kelly's still trapped in a vicious cycle of debt she doesn't know how she's going to get out of it have to go cold turkey to get out of cycling. as far as cold turkey. and you want to do that would you be able to afford to laura smith r.t. can't. rather a debt crisis in europe had seen a brief response after greece narrowing a skate default but now it's flaring up again with spain being in the eye of the storm our skies are and so as you heard will be giving shortly their unique take on
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the situation but will be in about twenty two minutes. a lot of easy money courtesy of the european central bank made for a calm start to twenty twelve what are poor spanish bonds they are last week signals it may have only been a lot before the debt storm breaks analysts warn why i think of it more as a debt find do really work that well you take a country like greece you stick it on the farm do fork and he dip it into the dead and then you serve it up to goldman sachs or j.p. morgan. are just fine do is great now spain is being thrown into the debt fondu. because reporters a bit later in the program here on our t.v. for now egypt is preparing to vote for its next leader with the first presidential poll since the fall of hosni mubarak show jewels for next month the election has been overshadowed however by controversial candidates accused of offering hollow
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promises as a ridiculous show explains the democracy egyptians afford four is anything but certain. the list is long but the choice may be limited with just a little over a month left before the crucial presidential polls they complain is off to a start the liberal candidates believe this election is vital intermitting whether the egyptian revolution will sink or swim hold on today the revolution is it is transitional period and it's not clear whether it will reach its final destination its goals of freedom and social justice haven't been reached yet. well you he look through committee will have to sift through more than twenty names on the list of those who applied for the country's top job but they aren't the ones faced with a crucial choice. thank you for having me i. know there are. some
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things. you. liberalism caught all you know maybe you'd call and complain about the people of various cleared of the islamists who had been unleashed deliberately by the staff by the military so the people would have. these are you get the military the people should all work islamists the people ship the muslim brotherhood's freedom and justice party or j.p. already holds the majority of seats in the country's parliament and promised to abstain from the presidential elections but later backtracked on their words many question whether such a staunch group of islamists may be successful in giving the egyptians civil liberties and freedoms they demanded a team of the f.t.p. members disembarked in washington d.c. last week for
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a charm offensive on both the western politicians and media to prove sharia law does not mean a return to the dark ages yet when you're skeptical of the sincerity of the campaign this is an ideological totalitarian organization and measure the communist party whens an america and says we will not. be missed but we will respect capitalism who believe such a thing. something like practical but you know in parliament to become powerful we will follow the program the alternative hospital barks former prime minister foreign minister and chief of intelligence are hardly the better off. and as many here they will return things back to where they were before their evolution. took place. just because from the first. that you were going to run for that seat. just the completely with. the keys. so i don't want.
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to do what i would like to say which i'll say i'm not going to if you. like and thus the much lauded presidential election in egypt may turn out to be just another big disappointment in cairo you know. it's a quarter past the hour here in moscow. still ahead for you in the program reaching for the stars but the world remembers the story the historic of first manned space journey russia reveals ambitious plans to explore the moon and stay there is a bit later in the program we report on the hopes of flying high.
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there hasn't been anything good on t.v. . it is to get the maximum political impact on. the source material is what helps keep journalism honest. we wanted to present. something. it's good to have you with us here on our t.v. as the world celebrates the fifty first anniversary of the first manned space flight by during guarin russian scientists have revealed and i'm vicious plan to
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make it back to the moon and stay there not if somebody takes a look at the next giant leap for mankind. to put a man on the moon and keep him there that's the aim for space exploration in the coming decade according to a plan unveiled by moscow's academy of sciences' choice with us about what mankind cannot stay where it is now for a long time we have been successful in exploring near earth space it's time to move beyond that. the goal is to put on mangrove was on the moon by two thousand and twenty with landing stations established by twenty twenty two which will start the process of building a permanent manned base there and on the minute the moon is that all well say scientists we actually know surprisingly little about our closest cosmic neighbor and the consensus is we should try and prove our skills and science as close as possible to home before attempting any bigger leaks vast quantities of frozen water
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have been discovered under the moon's surface taken there by billions of years worth of collisions with asteroids and water might not be all we find if we look carefully organic samples may have been preserved in comets in a frozen state it's impossible to investigate them from afar so we should deliver those samples back to earth in the control rooms there have been serious questions about whether we can technically manage a moon base the past year has seen a catalog of areas including a supply rocket on its way to the international space station plunging back to earth and an unmanned mars exploration rocket falling from orbit we're still using technology from the decades of the space race from the fifties to the eighties scientists and new ships have been taking too long to arrive. until we get these new ships we will have problems also many of the people with the knowledge of the old models are no longer with us and the younger generation doesn't have much so
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for now sticking with the moon might be ambitious enough and. some tentative mars missions planned as well as the world remembers the pioneers who made it up to space in the first place and those in charge of course ok exploration want to start marking the great through support past and start making some of their own time bots and. we're also covering the fifty first anniversary of the first manned space flight on our website www dot state dot com the stories are scrubbed cosmic hero right here in moscow a group of enthusiastic about watching the massive forty one human of space pioneer just in time for celebration service the story slide is certainly going to lift off all the dirt and grime spectacular footage shining a right click. on a four legs good obama sweeps through
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a colombian village preparing to present the u.s. president with. pride of the name of this very special gift of. music secretly lumbered sure. to build a new most sophisticated. fortunately those interviews with your new found anything tunes mission to teach music creation why you should care about humans. this is why you should. only. twenty minutes past the hour here in moscow iran will not give up its right to nuclear energy despite pressure from the west the country's president mahmoud ahmadinejad made that declaration ahead of this weekend's talks on the issue with major world powers in turkey the first of their kind in now more than a year earlier tehran it has signaled it's going to come forward with new initiatives aimed at proving the peaceful nature of its nuclear program the u.s.
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and the e.u. however seem unconvinced that enough will be done to lift tough sanctions including an oil exports ban imposed over worries the islamic state is working on a nuclear bomb talking to at sea a former national security adviser to president obama says there's nothing wrong with iran developing nuclear capabilities for peaceful purposes as long as it's willing to play by the rules the full interview coming your way next hour for now a preview iran. should have. a peaceful nuclear power we wish and if iran seriously wants to. play according to the game play word of the rules that all of us play about. signing the documents that. guarantee a certain behavior. there's no reason for iran. nuclear power for peaceful use so. you know. we want
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north korea. years from now living in a world wide solution. before we get to dmitri with a business or let's kick off the r.t. world update with palestinian leaders of rejected israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu the latest invitation to resume peace talks they've insisted israel stops its construction of jewish settlements first which are being built against un resolutions on widespread international opposition the palestinian refusal follows yesterday's appeal from the middle east quartet for both sides to take proper steps to improve relations. deadly clashes between fighters linked to al qaeda and the yemeni soldiers continues for a fourth day over one hundred seventy people have been killed in the fighting and airstrikes since monday insurgents have been attacking army barracks trying to retake the strategic southern town of loder is the latest in
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a series of deadly confrontations following an uprising which forced a longtime leader ali abdullah saleh from power. the international criminal court has confirmed that saif gadhafi the imprisoned son of the former libyan leader was tortured and abused since its capture last year investigators met him that it is tension center near tripoli earlier this month where he said he'd prefer to stand trial in his home country on charges of war crimes however it is believed his decision was made under duress as a libyan official was sitting in on the conversation a trial of the i.c.c. would remove the threat of the death penalty if he is convicted on charges of killing protesters during last year's uprising. i here's dimitri i once again good to see you i do understand your business tesco new incentives for energy companies in the arctic and what sort of basically the government is trying to ease the tax burden for companies new projects will be exempted from export duties and will have
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lower extraction taxes present a letter that says that these special terms would last for fifteen years and the government believes that this could help bring more than five hundred billion dollars of investment over the next thirty years on this of course the statement was made after the close of the markets will only see a reaction in tomorrow's session secular was going on actually right now in the united states which is basically making headlines and driving the markets all across the globe and it's looking very positive with the dow and the nasdaq up more than one percent there's a conflict in data actually coming out in the united states unemployment came out worse than expected jobless claims initial jobless claims were higher at that two and a half month high actually but at the same time wholesale prices came in flat with energy prices actually lower and this is driving the markets fall. over in europe
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taken over the optimism from the united states and the footsie and dax are up also more than one percent boiled egg shell here being an exception as it is there's an investigation going on into the ten square mile oil spill in the gulf of mexico. move over to where we're moving over we're moving to currencies and the euro is gaining massively versus the dollar on of those of all wholesale prices reports this is of course a good sign no selling going on investors are not moving out to cash devil to go although he is losing this has become a a good trend recently and the ruble is gaining at the close against prices. moving on to commodities right now and we're seeing a strong recovery second day in a row with light sweet up more than a one dollar thirty cents for about brant a bit lower than that half a dollar or not the wholesale price is right. and finally to russia where the
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closing bell rang forty five minutes ago and the r.t.s. m i six didn't have that much time to react to positive data coming out in the united states only twenty minutes actually or they had and they moved into positive territory on the r.t.s. and the my sex is a bit lower on a stronger river finally take a look at look at the main movers on the market gazprom they're down point two percent and we'll be monitoring the storm could tomorrow of course on the reaction to those tax exemptions after losing as it's pouring two billion dollars to modernize it's a comfort auction and i'll do so was up half a percent a sparkling wine company was have them and so me only the second day of trading. as a royal so i'll go for you are very good mate we'll see you next hour dmitri thank you. so they got here and i'll see the headlines and then a special edition of the kaiser of war watching artsy.
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on the at the top. this is street still keeps it secrets but now it's time some feel that the soviet slums in the offseason. this was the plant that was responsible for causing the world's worst industrial disaster and now it had been abandoned in a condition where it had become a source of pollution and the most recent study that was done shows that this water pollution and spreading. will continue to be in the more than hundred thousand be both been chronically in. groups working in the kitchen and see the children.
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ten times more likely to be born with birth defects and children interested in actually. keeping the scene as little as five hundred dollars for lifelong injuries and the unpunished. you know sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then even something else you hear or see some. part of it and realized everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm sorry welcome to the big picture.


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